Eddie Cibrian biography Edward Bryant Cibrian is borned on June,18,1973 in Burbank,California.He is the only one child of Carlos and Hortensia Cibrian.Growed up in San Fernando valley.Eddie s first audition was at 13 years old in a Coca-Cola commercial.After his classmate had started in commercials.he was interested of acting too,told his parents and they agreed.He joined other seven commercials in the next two years,but stopped playing at the television to go in his high school (Montclair high school) football team in the autumn of 1999.He graduated in UCLA in a business course majoring in Economics.An injury sustained during the first year in UCLA football team left him sidelined and he decided to return to acting about 20 years old,signed an agent and take a starring role in Malcolm-Jamel Warner s television special "Kids killing kids" which won an Emmy award.Also earned early TV credit on the popular long-running soap "The Bold and Beautiful" and made great guest appearance in October,1993 on the NBC "Saved by the Bell :The College Years" .He had appearances in "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Sabrina,the Teenage Wirtch" . Played very impressive in the tv drama serial "Third Watch" (1999-2005) where he won an ALMA award for Actor in a TV Outstanding series (2002) and another ALMA award for Emerging Actor in Drama (2000).His first good role was at the tv serial "Young and Restless" (1973) as Matt Clark He auditioned for the role of Nick Newman,but producers decided that he is too old to play him.But ere very impressed by Eddie s acting so they made a new character for him (Matt Clark),he also played in another tv serial called "Baywatch Nights" (1995-1997). Eddie had a very successful role in "Sunet beach" ,playing Cole Deschanel (1997-1999) for which he had two Soap opera Digest awards - one for Hottest Male Star (1999) and another one for Outstanding Younger Leading Actor (1998).At Sunset took the role,for which was choosen before Ashley Hamilton,but the makers of the serial told that Eddie is better for the character so after two months Hamilton leaved the soap. His movie career includes the comedy of Farrelly brothers "Say it isn t so" (2005),the independent feature "But I am a cheerleader" (1999),the poker movie "Tilt" (2005),the action and drama movie "Logan s war :Bound by honor" (1998) and "Living without Loud" where he made a memorable film debut with Holly Hunter,playing her masseur.Eddie also had some great roles in the horror-action "The cave" (2005) and the tv series "Dirty Sexy Money" (2007) and "Vanished" (2006).One of his last serials was "Invasion" where he played Russell Varon.Soon is coming on the screens his last movie "Samantha Who".There he takes the role of Kevin.Eddie appeared in "Football wives".He played at the not so famos movies "Jackie s back!","3Deep"and "The Street Lawyer" on the book of John Grisham.He also guest in "Criminal minds".As younger Cibrian played in Jennifer Love Hewitt music video "Couldn t find another man".His music career includes the American boy band 3Deep (more at ...).Eddie is part of some charitable organizations like the Make-a-wish foundation,the American Paralysis Association and a group of South Centrals Los Angeles,named Stitches which provides an alternative to gangs for the kids.After playing five months in "Sunset Beach" he was named one of the "Daytimes 12 Hottest Stars" by TV Guide in 1997.He also is one of the sexiest bodies in E online,voted №2 on The Sexiest Soap Hunks Of All The Time list at the Sheine to the Soap hunks in 2006 and TV s Hottest Fall Guy.Now Cibrian is happy married for the make up artist Brandi Glanville whom married in May,2001 (more at).Soon was borned their first son Mason Edward Cibrian,in June,8,2003.Their second son Jake Austin was borned 4 years later in April,5,2007.Eddie is the only one man who appeared solo on the cover of latino magazine and also the first actor who's character (Jimmy Doherty,"Third Watch") left the serial without dying - he stopped playing Jimmy in the 5th season.
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